Art by Claudia Tremblay
Art by Claudia Tremblay

I was wondering… what is Respect?

I found many definitions about respect; and none of them satisfied me. All point to its external manifestation. Briefly, all point to proof of this feeling.

However, I care more about the feelings which are not completely shown and for sure not externally proven. I am speaking of that situation in which someone respects another person so much, that they are doing things which prove their respect, without the respected person ever knowing.

The rest is like any so-called altruistic thing that we do; giving in order to receive.

To be or not to be… this is the question. To feel and show, or to feel and not show…

On the other hand, the statement that you have to earn the other’s respect captivates me also. So… it means that if someone doesn’t respect me, than I have to change something about myself, in order to be able to earn their respect. The eternal vicious circle… sometimes I hate it… but still it fascinates me.

~ M.C. Simon

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