Thursday, November 14, 2019
Create a Habit of Making A Wish

Create a Habit of Making A Wish

Create a Habit of Making A Wish For some reason, your Soul had decided some time ago to come into a human body for the...
Help Your Soul

Soul Help

How can you help your soul? Your soul doesn’t need to receive help. It needs to be revealed. ~ M.C. Simon
Done Deal

Who’s in charge? Me or my Ego?

Today I was very upset because my internet connection was down. I found myself into a sea fret that for some moments could not...
how to improve your writing

Feng Shui For Writers / M.C. Simon Author Interview

The Host – Chrys Fey: I’ve got a special author interview today! M.C. Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers:...
Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child

Weave My Tale – The Story Argument Method (Part 2)

Antagonist Questionnaire – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian These are the answers to the Antagonist Questionnaire. How tall are they? 8’5″ like most of the Arcturian...
Zen Master Wisdom

7 Zen Master Wisdoms Everyone Should Consider

When you find out about a book that Library Journal referred to as, "The best history of Zen ever written", maybe you would be...
The Regenerating Time of our Organs

The Body’s Healing Powers

Let’s suppose that you are very busy. Let’s suppose that your life is so busy because you're chasing a dream you want to materialize....
dill tea

FREE Tips For Perfect Eyesight – Part 2

AT LAST! FREE TIPS FOR PERFECT EYESIGHT -PART 2/3- (read FREE Tips For Perfect Eyesight part 1 | part 3)   This advice will probably sound somewhat weird, but...


  I was a little girl when I heard for the first time someone saying, "Bad luck! 13. Add a black cat and you are...
Why Smile This Week?

Why Smile This Week?

Smiling is a great way for us to feel better. It increases the level of our happiness and is positively influencing our health. Our health,...

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