Monday, January 21, 2019

A New Home – the Freedom to Believe in Yourself

  There are moments in life that leave an imprint on our hearts and minds. You have this kind of moments, for sure. It takes only...
When sleeping women wake, mountains move

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

  Such an annoying noise is suddenly dinging in my head. My night is over; the clock's alarm announces me it's time to wake up. My...


GO FORTH, SOUL! By M.C. Simon   Behold, eons ago, when the emanated existence Was exhaled by the everlasting nothingness, Ages behind, when nonexistence cast the die The blankness void emerging...
feng shui for office

Why “NEVER SAY NEVER” is awry

It is said, "never say never." I always thought that anything is possible and no matter what happens in life, we should believe with all...
Breaking News

What’s Inside it for Me?

MY 500 WORDS DAY 1 Breaking News! The Writer's world was hit! A provocative act flamed the bloggers' brains! A challenge was thrown down to earth! The Creator's name... Jeff...
70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

December, 25th... finally... you can call all your friends, relatives, known or unknown to wish them... Merry Christmas!!! And... if they are not exactly near you,...
Strong women only intimidate weak men

MEN ON EARTH! One FREE Clue For You!

"Strong women only intimidate weak men." I read this some time ago. Today this saying came to mind again, while looking in a retrospective way...
Who Am I

Who Am I?

Several days ago, a Romanian interviewer asked: “Who are you, MC Simon?” Well... this is one of the deepest and hardest questions someone can ask....
Why do people fear death?

Talking about Death: Why do People Fear Death?

We are usually afraid of the unknown. But, why do people fear death? Talking about death is my tribute to Margaret McElroy.
What Road to Take

How Can We Tell What Road To Take? Premise and Theme

Recently, the developer of the Weave my Tale project, Jim Lyons had asked me to begin studding the premise and theme of a book. In...

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