Monday, August 19, 2019
M.C. Simon Freezing Glasses

The Meaning of Life – A Short Story

I was 5 or 6 years old, when I saw a movie that changed my life's plans. I do not recall the title, I...
Help Your Soul

Soul Help

How can you help your soul? Your soul doesn’t need to receive help. It needs to be revealed. ~ M.C. Simon
Perception of Reality

Perception of Reality

It is a deep dark night. Because of a malfunction at the town’s power station, the electricity has been cut off for several hours now....
I am wondering what a window is.

What is a Window?

I am wondering what a window is. The dictionary says that it is "an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of...
Nicolas de Largillière’s Portrait de François-Marie Arouet, dit Voltaire (1694–1778), Palace of Versailles

13 Voltaire’s Quotes that “Lighthoused” my Life

Today, I thought about life. I do this whenever a crossroad appears in front of my eyes. Has this also happen to you? When...
Art by: Bambang Suryoputro

What if I’m a Virus

I am thinking about viruses. And... I wonder if, instead of eliminating them, if it would not be better to make peace with them. I...
Fix it!

Broken Things

If there is anything broken near you, fix it! If you can’t fix it all, than fix at least a part of it. That broken...
What is our World?

Our World’s Body

MY 500 WORDS DAY 22 By Wonder Woman Again my muse had something else to do instead of being here with her Mistress; she had a moment of...
Breaking News

What’s Inside it for Me?

MY 500 WORDS DAY 1 Breaking News! The Writer's world was hit! A provocative act flamed the bloggers' brains! A challenge was thrown down to earth! The Creator's name... Jeff...
Does money make you rich?

Does Money Make You Rich?

There are people who have money. And there are people who are rich. Rich people are happy. But... are those who have money also happy? I...

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