The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

"Focus on my voice. Do not listen to the others. They don't exist." Someone used this line in a movie I just watched today.     I rushed...
Somewhere in time

Somewhere in time

"Somewhere in time"... is a beautiful movie I saw again today. Such a mind blower! This week I cannot even say I have a Thought to...
I am Grateful to YOU!

I am Grateful to YOU!

There are moments in life when your soul almost yells, praising the One who created everything. There are moments of deep intensity, in which...
Playing with Energies

Beginning to play with Energies

The word energy came into my mind today. Being the owner of a Master's Degree in renewable energies, I enjoy this domain a lot. Yet,...
Do We Want Happiness?


I thought I would write about Happiness. Why Happiness you may ask, and what exactly will I say about it? Why write about Happiness? Well... only,...
If you ever feel bad about procrastinating...

My Muse Ran Away

Again, I have one of those bad days. My muse ran away. Yes! Sure!... Is it really so? I am wondering if she just ran...
Art by Violscraper

Unlock the Door to Personal Excellence

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door...
"Nirvana" by Mario Sanchez Nevado


Today I am wondering about entropy. A long time ago I learned in school that entropy is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a...
Existence and Nonexistence

Existence and Nonexistence

Everything is based on contrast. You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background. Black and white are...
What is our World?

Our World’s Body

MY 500 WORDS DAY 22 By Wonder Woman Again my muse had something else to do instead of being here with her Mistress; she had a moment of...
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