Are we alone?

How To… Run Away From Home

How to... Run away from home   Have you ever taken a leap in time? I do this quite frequently, so let me take one now... *** I’m...
What is the unknown?

Levels Of The Unknown

Someone asked today what do we know about the Unknown. My first reaction could not be blocked, and the immediate reply was… "Define Unknown"....
What is synchronicity?


The eyes my body possesses were starring at the computer screen... It was there, right in front of me... M.C. Simon’s Facebook Author Page...
Seven words make a story

The Writer in Me

The Writer in me had just ran away. I looked for her everywhere. Surprisingly... she is smarter than I and definitely found a secret...
Final exam superstitions

Friday 13 – The Black Cat

The third college year was about to end. We had only to pass the final exams. Being an eternal rebel, I was skipping classes a...
How to be a bad parent

Open Slightly Your Heart To Me

  Have you seen the road I walked on? Look there, it is that road from the left side of the crossroad. There are lines of...


  I was a little girl when I heard for the first time someone saying, "Bad luck! 13. Add a black cat and you are...


It is said that Perseverance means the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even if it is difficult. Others are...
What is Fear?


My new friend told the greatest news; the cancer test result came out good... she is completely healthy. A moment in time filled with...
Like Above, so bellow


Right after I closed my office door, I happily jumped and whispered with a smile on my face, "Yesss! The weekend has finally started!" Two...
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