Sunday, December 2, 2018
30 minutes relaxation

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy – Part 3

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money Part 3 – The 30 Free Minutes   In the last post, we talked about How to...

Home Remedies for Stronger nails

Becoming beautiful is the inevitable need of women. Obviously, this includes having the ruddy, smooth hands with brightening and stronger nails. However, instead of going to the expensive spas and beauty centers, you can use available things in your kitchen to nourish the beautiful and healthy nails.
relaxation five minutes

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy – Part 2

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money  Part 2 – The Five Free Minutes Last week we talked about How to relax when...
relax one minute

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy – Part 1

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money - The One Free Minute .10 Ways to Relax when You have only One Free Minute for Yourself

Negative Thoughts, get rid of them!

Negative Thoughts, get rid of them!   Imagine… it is morning. You wake up already tired. You did not sleep too well; your back and neck are in...
daily sex

Too busy to Exercise? Try Daily Sex!

Are you too busy to exercise? What if you combine pleasure with usefulness and look at daily sex making as your way to getting fit? Everybody knows that sex making increases the joy in our lives and maintains a healthy body. Therefore, based on medical reports, let us see 15 reasons why daily sex fits you.
music efficiency

How to Boost Music Efficiency

Can you really boost music efficiency? Well... yes. No matter what expensive therapy you choose, listen to the music that your heart tells you it’s relaxing.
be zen

Talks on Meditation – How to be ZEN while Reaching a Low Point in...

Surprisingly, recently I caught a cold. It happened suddenly and made me wonder how to be Zen again. Simple as that. While I was walking...

Talks on Meditation – Why Meditate in a Quiet Place – Part 1

Meditation is the tool which can send you directly to the root of all your problems. You need to prepare properly before starting a successful meditation.
7 chakras

The Day I Became A Vegetarian

A short story about the 7 Chakras Everyone knows that after half a century spent on this planet, you are bound to learn and experience...



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